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About Us

Many corporations have unclaimed assets that are currently sitting in the coffers of various jurisdictions. These assets were either seized by these jurisdictions through audits or voluntarily turned over to the states by other companies. These assets are retained in the state’s custody until the rightful owner comes forward to claim them. Independently locating & recovering corporate unclaimed property assets can be a surprisingly complex, labor intensive process that often results in only a fraction of available claims being made. While certainly underscored by good intention, the internet-based search tools currently provided by most federal, state and local unclaimed property administrative agencies are often inefficient, uninformative, and may not provide the most accurate picture of all funds that may be due to your company.

GERT-HILL Recovery Service fully facilitates and accelerates the process of locating and recovering unclaimed assets. Our experience has shown that the technology we employ delivers significant results and leads to the recovery of assets that our clients would not otherwise identify and recover independently. We are so confident in our capabilities to deliver results, that we offer this solution on a success-based fee arrangement. We only collect a 10% fee for our efforts only after our client receives its unclaimed property.

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